Attention Shooters!


For any autopatching issues, kindly check the following:

1. Please try disabling your antivirus
2. Please check your firewall if is blocking A.V.A
3. Network settings on wifi/router/LAN is it blocking port 80, that may cause patch blockage


Manual patch solution:

But if the above could not solve your auto patching issues here are the manual patches:

The current game client is 170

How to check your current A.V.A version

Browse to C:\Program Files\PlayFPS\A.V.A\Version.ini

Game File Patch

1. AVA Manual Patch 168 to 170:

2. AVA Manual Patch 125 to 170:

*Note that the above manual patch requires that you already have patched up to version 125

*Note that for all of you that have installed the current client that is listed on our download links, you will still have to use the above patch in order to play the game*

File path to place patch is : C:\Program Files\PlayFPS\A.V.A\

**Please make sure you patch according to the version if not it will NOT work**


XIGNCODE3 Manual Patch download link:

Please input the "xmag.xem" file into each country XINGCODE folder: C:\Program Files\PlayFPS\A.V.A\Binaries\XIGNCODE.XX

-PlayFPS Administrator